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Our company introduces food products and conducts sales promotions of manufacturers throughout the world. In particular, the network in Vietnam, Thailand, Central Asia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan are quite strong. There are branches in those countries to collect data and information from countries around. In meantime, promotional activities and marketing activities are conducted concurrently. The company also develops and distributes products for sustainable consumption such as tofu noodles, eco-friendly straws that replace plastic straws and aquaponics systems and etc.


Develop new products

New products have been developed such as tofu noodles, frozen sushi, Japanese sake chocolate, natural grass straws, aquaponics systems and etc.


International Trading Agency

The company operates as International Trading Agency including introduction of products of industrial manufacturers across country such as seafood, machinery for producing various products and etc.


International Trade Support

Our company promotes international trade with various countries by promotion activity and market development, collaborating with local branches in Vietnam, Thailand, Central Asia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan.


Introduction to Human Resources Abroad

Our company also recruits and recommends excellent foreign personnels from Southeast Asia.


Soy products such as tofu which are made from soy beans and bittern are the most popular ingredient for healthy food abroad. Tofu noodles are produced in the form of noodles. Tofu noodles can be found in the market quite a lot. But most of them are not from 100% tofu. Tofu noodles from our company are made from 100% tofu. Furthermore, our company performs other operations for development of consumer products such as grass straws of natural grass bulbs produced from the stalks of Lepilonia grass, the recirculating water of land-based aquaculture systems and aquaponics systems to solving problem for aquarist and so on.

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